ND's Congressional delegation on infrastructure

Jan 5, 2018

One of President Trump’s big priorities of 2018 is an infrastructure bill. He’s talking a trillion dollars in spending. But not all of that money is federal.

North Dakota Congressman Kevin Cramer (R) is looking at North Dakota’s needs.

“In my shop, we have been busy identifying  the projects in North Dakota," Cramer said in an interview. "We have quite a long list of project that are either underway on in the queue.”

Cramer said the list includes traditional infrastructure, roads and bridges, plus broadband deployment.

Lawmakers suggest "surge funding" bill for 2015

Sep 18, 2014

Supporters call it “surge funding.”

A group of western North Dakota Republican legislators is proposing that an $800 million infrastructure bill be passed on a “fast track” in the first few weeks of the 2015 Legislature. That $800 million would go to roads, bridges, sewer and water, curb and gutter projects.

The director of the state Department of Transportation says DOT is having some trouble securing rights-of-way for highway projects in western North Dakota.

Grant Levi told a Legislative interim committee a good example of that is the proposed US Highway 85 truck reliever route in the Williston area, especially the intersection of US 85 and US 2.

"The cost of purchasing right-of-way is at numbers that I wouldn't have imagined in my career," said Levi. "At that location, we're spending about $165,000 an acre."

Senate GOP leader says interim will be very busy

Jul 22, 2013

The North Dakota Senate's majority leader says he's expecting a very busy interim for state lawmakers.

"This interim, we need to come up with some solutions," said Sen. Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson). "The regular session is so busy, and we've got to put on our 'solution hats' and get the job done in certain areas."

Wardner says the 2013 Legislative Session accomplished a lot for the state -- but there is more work to do, on issues such as infrastructure and other needs in the oil patch, as well as housing and in property tax relief.