The F5 Project: Helping Inmates with Life After Jail

Mar 29, 2017
F5 Project

Serving time in jail or prison is hard. But life afterwards can be even harder. Now an ex-offender is trying to ease the transition. This segment of Journeys through Justice is about someone who has experienced that difficulty.  He is building a new organization that he hopes will help.

The director of Mental Health America of North Dakota says people with mental illnesses often get caught in what she describes as a “revolving door.”

"Between the ER (emergency room) and the in-patient treatment, jail or maybe the state hospital, they just keep revolving through the system," said Susan Helgeland. She says stopping that revolving door is the purpose behind a two year grant the association received to work with the Cass County Jail. Helgeland says the money will help the jail staff assist inmates with mental health issues to receive some post-release planning.

The Morton County Commission approved of building a jail with Burleigh County.

Pat Heinert is Burleigh County Sheriff. He said the future jail can only be built of a home rule charter and half-cent sales tax are passed by voters on the June 10th ballot.

Heinert said he asked for permission to advertise for Request for Qualification of architectural firms at the Burleigh County Commission Meeting.