ND Association of Counties opposes Measure 3

9 hours ago

The North Dakota Association of Counties is opposing Measure 3 – the measure that would legalize recreational marijuana.

Association executive director Terry Traynor said the group took that step at its convention this week in Bismarck.

"We don't think North Dakota is ready (for recreational marijuana)," Traynor said in an interview.

Traynor said the measure is flawed.

April 20th is a widely recognized celebration of marijuana - and on 4/20, the representatives from Legalize ND are hoping to educate North Dakotans on their work to legalize recreational marijuana in the state.

Josh Dryer is campaign manager for Legalize ND.

Initiative would legalize recreational marijuana in ND

Nov 29, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

In 2016 – North Dakota voters approved medical marijuana.

Now another group wants to legalize “recreational pot.” That group has submitted a proposed initiated measure to Secretary of State Al Jaeger.

"It's time to end prohibition," said steering committee spokesman Josh Dryer of West Fargo. "There's no reason for it to be illegal -- nor should there ever have been a reason."

'Synthetic' drugs a growing problem in ND

Aug 16, 2012

An epidemic.

That’s how Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem describes the growing use of synthetic drugs – such as fake marijuana and fake LSD. Stenehjem told the Legislature’s interim Judiciary Committee the law passed in the 2011 session has given law enforcement a tool to crack down on synthetic marijuana – and he says he’ll be asking for a similar law for the so-called “bath salts” – which people are ingesting.