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ND Legislature

A state Senator wants to allow people on medical marijuana who aren’t close to one of the specified “grow centers” or dispensaries to be allowed to grow their own.

Sen. Oley Larsen (R-Minot) offered an amendment to the medical marijuana bill to the House Human Services Committee, which is now looking at the measure.

Still more tweaking to the medical marijuana bill

Mar 22, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

More changes ahead for the Legislature's medical marijuana regulation bill.

The House Human Services Committee heard the bill Tuesday. It's designed to rewrite the medical marijuana initiative voters passed last November – and make it conform to state standards.

"This is a relatively new industry," State Deputy Health Officer Arvy Smith told the Committee. "The Health Department is put into the position of needing to regulate an industry that does not yet exist. It has been challenging."

Medical Marijuana Bill passes Senate

Feb 23, 2017
Courtesy ND Legislature

The state Senate has passed a bill to regulate medical marijuana.

The new regulations are designed to implement the initiated measure passed by voters in the November election.

"The main objective was to insure the voters are going to get medical marijuana," said Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson), the bill's main sponsor. "All parties involved were committed to doing the right thing. And I think we got it."

The state Health Department will administer the program.

Medical Marijuana bill clears another hurdle

Feb 21, 2017
Courtesy ND Legislature

The state Senate has approved amendments to the Medical Marijuana bill.

As originally proposed, the hill would not have allowed smoking marijuana. But the amendments spell out the idea that with a doctor’s permission, a patient can smoke from the leaves and flowers of the plant.

"Leafs and flowers? That's pot," said Sen. Oley Larson (R-Minot). "That's not medicine."

Larson had proposed allowing people to smoke “hash resin” instead.

Medical marijuana supporters are not happy with a bill that essentially re-writes the initiated measure passed by voters in November.

Legislative leaders had said the wording of that measure did not conform to North Dakota law – and changes were needed to bring it into compliance. They first passed a bill to delay the implementation until a new set of regulations could be drafted.

"On (January) 16th, it was portrayed as a housekeeping measure," said Anita Morgan of Fargo, one of the sponsors of the initiated measure. "I think it has turned into an estate sale."

Senate passes Medical Marijuana delay

Jan 18, 2017

The state Senate has unanimously passed a bill delaying the implementation of medical marijuana.

Voters approved Measure 5 in the November election. But since it was approved, the state Health Department has been trying to write rules. The department says it needs more time.

The bill is sponsored by the Republican and Democratic floor leaders in both houses.

Delaying implementation of medical marijuana

Jan 16, 2017
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Legislative leaders say the state Health Department needs more time to set up rules and regulations on medical marijuana.

Voters in November passed a measure legalizing the use of medical cannabis.

The bill would delay implementation of the medical marijuana law until the end of July. It was supposed to take effect 30 days after the November election, which would have been Dec. 8th, 2016.

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Representatives of the state Health Department say if the medical marijuana measure passes, it would be costly to administer and enforce.

It’s measure 5 on the November ballot.

Deputy state Health Officer Arvy Smith told the Legislative Management Committee – start-up costs would be about $1.4 million dollars. That would be for the remainder of the current two year budget period, which expires next June 30th. As for the upcoming two years,

Ricksha Across America

Jul 19, 2016
J.Corley / Prairie Public

An activist whose home is a ricksha has been riding across North Dakota to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana. Ras Ible says he is on his way to Washington D.C. to protest federal prohibition so veterans can legally access the drug…..

“...The VA should be dispensing this stuff from our medical dispensaries instead of pills and narcotics because none of these veterans or anybody has died from medical marijuana”

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Supporters of an initiated measure to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes have collected petitions with more than 17,600 signatures to get the measure on the November ballot.

The group “North Dakota Compassionate Care” has submitted the signatures to the Secretary of State’s office for review.

The group's chairman, Rilie Ray Morgan of Fargo, said if the measure is approved for the ballot, his group needs to get to work on an educational campaign.