North Dakota school superintendent Kirsten Baesler says she has a goal – to make sure no North Dakota student enters college needing remedial courses.

"We have an 89.7 percent graduation rate," Baesler said. "But we have a remediation rate of about 27 percent."

Baesler wants to accomplish this within 5 years.

Health Department approves remediation of Tioga oil spill

Apr 28, 2014

The North Dakota Department of Health has approved a remediation plan for the site of a pipeline leak near Tioga.

Last September, about 20-thousand barrels of crude was leaked from a broken pipeline on farmland near Tioga.  Tesoro is responsible for the remediation of the leak.  Dave Glatt is chief of the Environmental Health Section of the health department and says Tesoro considered a number of different remediation options.