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Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A Duluth-based energy company threw a party today (Tuesday) in Glen Ullin, to celebrate the impending opening of a new wind farm in Morton and Mercer counties.

The Glen Ullin Wind Center is to go on-line in October.

“It’s 106 megawatts," said Allete vice president for business development. "In addition to the 500 megawatts the company built at the Bison Wind Farm, that means nearly $1 billion of investment in the area.”                           

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

The chairman of the Federal Communications Commission said the Commission is working to expand broadband Internet capability in rural America.

Ajit Pai attended a roundtable discussion in Bismarck on that subject. He said the FCC is working to target parts of the country that do not yet have broadband.

"In rural America, there are some gaps," Pai said in an interview with reporters. "We call that the 'Digital Gap.' I want to make sure every American, especially those in rural areas, has access to digital platforms."

ITD working on single entry log in for state websites

Sep 16, 2019

North Dakota’s Information Technology Department is working on a “single entry” concept to log on to state websites.

"Most citizens would tell you, 'It's great that I can get things on line, but state government as a whole doesn't treat me as a single entity, and I'm having to re-key information numerous times,'" said ITD chief operating officer Dan Sipes. "'If I change my mailing address at the Department of Motor Vehicles, it should propagate to other systems in state government -- but that doesn't happen.'"

Human Services reorganization proceeding

Sep 16, 2019

Work continues on the concept of “human service zones.”

Under it, counties agree to work together to share services and administration.

State Human Services director Chris Jones said there are 19 zones identified.

"Right now, it's getting into the minor details that sometimes you trip over," Jones said. "But I feel really good about the work we've done with the Association of Counties and with the individual counties themselves to start the collaboration."

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With a year to go, DOT and TSA are pushing Real ID

Sep 12, 2019
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

By next October first (2020), if you wish to board a commercial airplane, you will need a Real ID compliant form.

That includes Real ID compliant driver’s licenses.

"In a nutshell, Real ID is the way the federal government knows you are who you say you are on your photo identification," Transportation Security Administration spokesperson Lorie Dankers said at a news conference at the Bismarck Airport.

Other Real ID forms include passports and military ID.

So far, 83,000 North Dakotans have a Real ID compliant driver’s license.

GNDC pushing for reauthorized Export-Import Bank

Sep 11, 2019

The Greater North Dakota Chamber is supporting the reauthorization of the “Export-Import” Bank.

The bank is described as the official credit agency of the United States…and it has helped 16 North Dakota businesses export products and crops.

Tom Shorma with WCCO Belting of Wahpeton said his company has used the bank for 18 years -- and he said it has been valuable to his business.

Xcel Energy

Xcel Energy officials say the utility is on track to cut carbon emissions 80 percent by the year 2030 – and completely eliminate them by the year 2050.

They briefed the North Dakota Public Service Commission about those plans.

Xcel will be phasing out of its coal generation, while it increases wind and solar power. But the plan includes keeping its two nuclear power plants – Monticello and Prairie Island – operational.

The North Dakota Department of Human Services will be working with the Human Service Research Institute to identify the state’s capacity to meet psychiatric in-patient needs across the state, as well as the needs in other areas of behavioral health.

State human services director Chris Jones said the study came from action in the 2019 Legislature.

"The Governor had budgeted for a new state hospital," Jones said. "And the legislature looked at how we create, on the treatment side, access to in-patient services across the state."

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota’s four Native American tribal nations and the state Department of Human Services have signed updated comprehensive agreements for enhanced child welfare services for Native American children and families.

The agreements were signed at the state Capitol in Bismarck Friday. They update agreements signed in 1983.

Dean Sturn is the foster care administrator for the Department of Human Services. Sturn said one thing the new agreement does is expand the ability of the tribes to license Native foster homes, not only on tribal lands but off of tribal lands.


News from NPR

Free software pioneer and renowned computer scientist Richard Stallman resigned from his post at MIT following recent comments about one of Jeffrey Epstein's sex-trafficking victims. He also resigned as president of the Free Software Foundation.

Nailed It! is a competition show where home bakers try to re-create elaborate cakes — and often fail spectacularly.

"Our show is truly like: As long as you don't kill people with your food, you might win!" says co-host Nicole Byer.

So when Byer learned the Netflix program was nominated for an Emmy, she was shocked.

"The call I got from Netflix, one of the execs on the show, she was like ... 'We were — nominated?'" Byer says. "Everybody was surprised."

With the ease of uploading music online, Internet sensations are made every day. But for one rising bedroom pop artist, it was truly accidental ... almost.

Until recently, mxmtoon — who otherwise prefers to go by her first name, Maia — kept her music a secret from the people in her immediate life. Now, with her debut album, the masquerade, mxmtoon is slowly peeling back the layers of her online persona.

Twitter and Facebook last month suspended hundreds of thousands of accounts and operations that they said were part of a Chinese state-linked disinformation campaign designed to discredit pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

For the first time in half a century, the U.S. government just revised the way that it inspects pork slaughterhouses. The change has been long in coming. It's been debated, and even tried out at pilot plants, for the past 20 years. It gives pork companies themselves a bigger role in the inspection process. Critics call it privatization.

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