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Noel Gallagher Plans to Sell Oasis Music to Highest Bidder and Buy a Chimp


On Late Night with Seth Meyers last night, Noel Gallagher revealed that when he gets the rights to Oasis' masters in five years, he'll sell them to the highest bidder and use the profits to buy a plane, a rocket and a monkey with a top hat who will go on tour with him and have his own bus! The go-to funny rocker guest also complained that young fans don't know the names of his songs, just the track numbers, and that when he introduces a tune in concert by name, it's crickets. But when he introduces it as a track number, wild cheers erupt. Ha!  In celebration of the release of his debut Grace 25 years ago, Columbia/Legacy is reissuing Jeff Buckley's entire catalogue with tons of rare and bonus material, including four live albums. In the wake of three recent mass shootings, online music biz critic and provocateur Bob Lefsetz has proposed three mega-concerts somewhat near the three areas affected. He wants to reunite Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young for the Bay Area gig, Destiny's Child for Texas and the James Gang for the Ohio concert. And he wants an accompanying manifesto which demands universal background checks and assault weapons bans. Several musicians on his mailing list have chimed in with their support and eagerness to participate. Woodstock 50 or Fyre Fest or Live Aid? We shall see.