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K-12 standards for computer science and cyber security being drafted

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

Children attending K-12 schools in North Dakota will soon see more classes in computer science and cyber security.

"We're hearing from parents that they believe computer science and the whole activity of coding is very important, for their children to have the opportunity to learn about that," said North Dakota Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler. "The parents understand where the world is going, and where the future for their children is."

Baesler said teachers have begun meeting to write the standards for computer education.

"We will have standards and expectations of what we expect students to know and do at each grade level, from kindergarten to 12th grade," Baesler said.

Baesler said teachers already in schools can earn credentials to teach computer science. She said the standards are to be completed by February, 2019, and take effect that fall.

"We also will be working with the legislature to make sure we have the opportunities for teachers to receive the training they need to become the credentialed teachers," Baesler said. "And that could possibly mean some financial support to get them the training they need."

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