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New program treats addictions and mental health issues

The retiring director of the North Dakota Department of Human Services says she’s proud of a new program to help treat people who have chronic addictions plus serious mental health issues.

Carol Olson says the program is called I-D-D-T – or “Integrated Dual Disorder Treatment.” And she says the program has so far shown tremendous success.

"We have seen a 90 percent drop in acute hospitalization days," said Olson. "We've seen a 70 percent drop in long term psychiatric hospitalization days. We've seen a 98 percent drop in days of incarceration, 87 percent drop in days of respite care, and 10 of the 12 clients have had a decrease in emergency room admissions."

Olson says law enforcement likes the program, as do hospitals and other medical providers.

"It finally reaches the clients," said Olson. "And we're reaching them on their level."

Olson says the I-D-D-T program is being used at the Southeast Human Services Centerin Fargo– and is being rolled out in Jamestown.

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