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Minot physician wants to spotlight fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

A Minot doctor is trying to raise awareness of “fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.”

Dr. Justin Boseck is a resident in neuropsychology at Minot’s Trinity Health. He says national statistics show one in 100 children suffer from the disorder. That compares to one in 88 for autism.

"When a woman is pregnant, any type of ethanol that crosses the placenta will affect a fetus' growth," said Boseck. "That's especially during the first trimester and the last couple of month. The child can develop such things as attention deficits, learning disabilities, low IQ, serious behavioral issues, social problems and may other manifestations."

Boseck says this reinforces his belief that pregnant women should not drink alcohol.

"I've heard from many different women that their doctors say one or two drinks is fine," said Boseck. "That in my mind is incorrect. I don't think any level of alcohol should be consumed during a pregnancy."

Boseck says a meeting will be held in Minot August 14th to gauge interest in reviving a state task force to highlight the dangers of pregnant women consuming alcohol.