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Recycling growing in North Dakota


Recycling is growing in North Dakota cities.

North Dakota Health Department waste management director Chris Hyatt said about a dozen cities have some kind of recycle program. Hyatt said the real growth in it started during the oil boom.

"People came into the communities in our state from other places," Hyatt said. "They were interested in recycling."

Hyatt said there was a big push from the public then to see more recycling happen.

"I think that's going to continue into the future," Hyatt said.

Hyatt said the cities have some different programs.

"You can have single sorts, where you put a bin out on the curb and put all the recyclables in there," Hyatt said. "Some cities are doing drop-off sites, where you bring the recyclables to a central dumpster or facility."

Some North Dakota cities are starting small.

"They're looking at recycling things such as aluminum and cardboard, where there are pretty stable markets," Hyatt said. "Once they try that for a awhile, and they find it's successful, they can use the money they make to help pay for additional recycling in their communities."

Hyatt said a limitation to recycling's growth is China's decision to adopt new restrictions on the recycled material it buys.

"Processors of recycled material here in the United States are looking to address that, whether it's developing other markets internally, or using technology to help improve the quality of the product," Hyatt said.

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