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NDSU Cancels State of University Address

By Tracy Fugure

Fargo, ND – Classes are still in session today at N-D-S-U despite the events going on inthe eastern United States.

Dave Wahlberg is the North Dakota State University Director of Public Affairs.

"As of this morning classes at North Dakota State University are still being held, although I think there is some real value for some individuals being able to get together with people, talk about today's events, their personal feelings, and that is happening in classrooms all across campus. An opportunity to deal with this in a manner with others and rather than alone. The state of the university address scheduled for Thursday and a celebration marking the real opening of the main campus gates set to follow the state of the university ? those two events ? have been postponed."

A date has not been set for the state of the university address.

NDSU President Joseph Chapman says this is a time for people to reflect on our national tragedy.