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North Dakota Farmers In Washington, D.C.

By Stan Stelter

Bismarck, ND – A group of North Dakotans planning to lobby on the farm bill in Washington, D.C. became part of the horrendous events this morning (Tuesday).Dale Enerson, a farmer from Stanley, says he is part of a North Dakota Farmers Union group that intended to be lobbying on Capitol Hill today.

"We have about 47 North Dakotans representing North Dakota's Farmers Union. We're staying at the Holiday Inn Capitol, which is about six or seven blocks away from the Capitol. As far as we know, in our immediate area we're all safe. Traffic has pretty well tied up the streets and all of the federal buildings have been evacuated and of course there is mass confusion, the subway system, I believe is shut down this morning. And quite a gridlock."

Enerson says they were on the streets of Washington when they heard an explosion:

"We were up actually in the House Office Building just prior to 10 o'clock and we received notice that the buildings were being evacuated, that was after the New York Trade Center incidents and then as we were walking back towards our hotel this morning, we heard a fairly loud explosion. Initial stories were that it was somewhere near the Capitol but as we got back to our hotels they were talking about it was a car bombing somewhere near the State Department and then at the same time we could see smoke off to the south and west from us and I believe that's the Pentagon that's burning."

Enerson says the group had intended to return to North Dakota Wednesday, but are not sure about their travel plans now.