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U-Mary students hold prayer and patriotism vigil

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – Freshmen students at the University of Mary in Bismarck held a rally and prayer service to honor the soldiers who have been called up for active duty in the war against terrorism...as well as for those people who lost their lives in last week's terrorist attacks.

U-Mary Campus Ministry director Mike Kautzman says he's seen a change in attitude among students following last week's attack.

"It's a bit somber -- but everyone is becoming quite patriotic. You see a lot of the posters with the flags and pins with the flags on them. People are realy in support of the country right now, and proud to be Americans, and just praying that everything turns out all right."

Josh Hengenhule is a freshman from St. Cloud, Minnesota. He says he's surprised and pleased at how the country is coming together.

"You look everywhere, and everywhere you see support. People on television wearing ribbons, and Major League Baseball. There's all sorts of support all across the nation that I just find is amazing."

U-Mary has already had several prayer services following the terrorist attack.