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Firefighters grateful for support following the terrorist attacks

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – Firefighters from all over the U-S say they were really affected by the events of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

Bismarck firefighter Donavan Voeller says more than 400 members of the New York City Fire department appear to have lost their lives in the disaster. The fire service has nver lost that many people in one incident, ever in the history. It's a pretty devastating thing. And it really hits home to everybody -- not just firefighters, but their families. It brings home the point that every day we go to work may be our last day. You just never know. And this incident has really brought that home to a lot of people."

Bismarck firefighters are raising money for the New York 9-11 Relief Fund. Monies from that fund are being used to help the spouses and children of those who were killed in the line of duty.

Voeller says he's been surprised and pleased at how many people are opening their hearts -- and wallets -- for that fundraising effort.

"In Bismarck, in particular, the donations have been pouring in. And the support from the people -- you could be walking down the street, and people will come up and shake your hand, and thank you for the service that we are providing to them."

The North Dakota Democratic Party gave a one-thousand dollar check to the 9-11 relief fund. And Voeller says other fundraising events are planned, including a breakfast this Sunday at Bismarck High School.