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Ralph Nader gives speeches in Moorhead

By Tracy Fugere

Fargo, ND – Former Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader says in light of the recent attacks on America, one government reaction that's very important is to re-direct our military budget from fighting the last cold wars.

"Huge weapon systems that drain billions of dollars, the F-22, and joint strike fighters and others: re-direct them into the new perils that confront the country. And that means we have to beef up the budgets of the state public health departments and the national public health department because of the concern regarding chemical and biological attacks."

Nader also says corporations have been given too much leeway and too much power.

"When corporations place their profits ahead of their obligation not to ship deadly arms to dictators overseas, some of which have been used against our own military personnel--that emboldens these dictators to further opress their people. The U.S. unfortunately is the largest arms exporter in the world by far by private corporations not by our government and these arms exports are subsidized by about six to seven billion dollars in tax subsidies every year."

Nader was in Moorhead to speak at Concordia College as well as to appear at a fundraiser to benefit the Clay County Green Party.