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Pomeroy: Congress will have new resolve to help New York and bring terrorists to justice

By Dave Thompson

New York, NY – North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy says two things impressed him when he visited the World Trade Center in New York.Pomeroy says he was impressed not only with the magnitude of the disaster, but also the magnitude of the heroism shown by police, fire-fighters and rescue workers.

Pomeroy was among 100 members of Congress who visited the site of the World Trade Center Monday. He says the September 11th terrorist attacks will dominate the agenda in Congress for the rest of its term. And Pomeroy says he came away even more determined to bring the terrorists to justice, as well as help New York recover. "We really did need to have the smoke in our nostrils, I think, to get the kind of anger that will hold us over the long haul of the response. This is going to be a tough undertaking. And you can't see something like this without thinking about the thousands who died and not have an incredible anger and determination to do what we need to do to see this through."

Pomeroy says it is amazing just how resilient the country is after a disaster. He says North Dakotans saw it after the Red River flood of 1997, and Americans are seeing it again.