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North Dakotans send thousands of teddy bears to New York City

By Dave Thompson

undated – North Dakota students have sent a special gift to youngsters in New York City.

They collected nearly 62-hundred teddy bears. And those bears were delivered to a school in New York. The effort was dubbed Operation Hugs.

It started at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. And North Dakota Congressman Earl Pomeroy helped find the home for the teddy bears.

"Well, these children have been through an awful lot. We feel for them, and we care about them. In North Dakota, we wanted them to know that we were aching right along with them, and wanting them to feel better. I think that these teddy bears -- 6200 brand new teddy bears from the school children of North Dakota, coming to the school children of New York City -- really sends that message."

Pomeroy says some bears have also have been shipped to unions representing New York City's police and fire departments, who will distribute them.