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Dorgan: Relax 300 foot rule at airport

By Dave Thompson

Undated – Airports across the nation have prohibited parking within 300 feet of the terminal building -- on orders of the Federal Aviation Administration.

But Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) thinks that's too restrictive for the smaller airports -- like those in North Dakota.

"It's just a case where you shouldn't have a 'one size fits all.' The 300-foot issue can be dealt with by concrete berms, by earthen dikes or other things. But the FAA has simply ordered something without flexibility that is, in many cases, absurd for smaller airports. And I'm determined that we're going to try and change that."

Dorgan says he has talked with F-A-A head Jane Garvey, and he says she agreed to take another look at that rule. And Dorgan says the Senate passed an amendment, asking that the rule be re-thought.