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Lawmakers will redraw district boundaries later this month

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – North Dakota lawmakers will meet in special session beginning November 26th.

That's the Monday after Thanksgiving. The main reason for the session is redistricting.

House Majority Leader Wes Belter (R-Leonard) says Gov. Hoeven will call lawmakers back to Bismarck. And he says there are reasons to have the Governor make that call.

"We need, probably need more than three days in order to get the mechanics, to get the work done. If the Governor calls it, it will give us those extra days, if we need them. But even a greater issue is - that if the Governor calls it, we do not need a two-thirds vote in order to get the bill to go in effect immediately."

Belter says the session will be limited to redistricting, plus a few issues that could be taken care of without a lot of controversy.