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Red River Water Festival full of hands-on activities

By Tracy Fugere

Fargo, ND – This year's Red River Water Festival is focusing on how YOU affect the RedRiver.

Project Coordinator--Christine Holland--says the third annual event willhave many different presenters and exhibits. She says most of the festivalis hands-on activities.

("One of the presentations is a stirring table to show how rivers areformed. Another one is water testing--so people are going to be able totake water and check it for pH and dissolve oxygen and transparency. Therewill be a liquid treasure trunk which talks about some of the historyobjects we've used in the past for water. There will be a steamboatdisplay--the big boats that used to be on the river. People will be able tomake rain sticks. And there'll be games on storm water and waterproperties. So you'll be able to tell about cohesion and that type ofthing. Just lost of fun things like that.")

Holland says the festival will show what people are doing to the RedRiver--which is the drinking source in Fargo-Moorhead.

("If you plant trees along the river, that keeps some of the soil andpollutants out of the river. If you pour something down the storm drainthat goes directly into the river without being cleaned first. So if peopleare changing their oil and putting it down the storm drain--that's bad forthe river. This will just get people to start thinking about thoseconnections of what they do at their house does affect the river, which isour drinking water.")

There will be an evening session open to the public on Thursday from 5:00 to7:30 p-m at the Red River Inn in Moorhead.

The event is a project of F-M River and is sponsored by the EnvironmentalProtection Agency--Region 8, Project WET--the North Dakota State WaterCommission, and the Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District.