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Minot Anhydrous Spill - Looking for Health Problems

By T.McDonald

Bismarck, ND – A Fargo Attorney says his firm will be setting up a health clinic to aid clients in the Minot-area effected by last winter's anhydrous ammonia spill. Mike Miller says his firm has about 400 clients seeking damages as a result of the train derailment and anhydrous discharge. He says a number of those people have had problem as a result. He says the firm has hired doctors and nurses to examine the clients to chart the problems and any potential long-term concerns.
"?in many instances there's going to be some type of problems to one degree or another. And people who has pre-existing problems, for example asthma-type problems, lung problems, they were the most vulnerable. And we expect that when we have these folks examined, that is exactly what we're going to find? on-going problems. And some of those injuries are going to be permanent."
The clinic is expected to be set-up in about 10 days. As far as the court case, Miller says he's hopeful the case can be given a hearing sometime in the next two months, to determine if it can be given "class-action" status.