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Bismarck research company does bipolar study

Bismarck, ND – Bipolar disorder-a manic-depressive disorder that is difficult to diagnose and treat effectively-affects over two million Americans.
Mental health and research officials say it's difficult to treat because medications are effective at preventing manic episodes but NOT very good at preventing depressive episodes. And a recent survey found that 60-percent of respondents with bipolar disorder had initially been diagnosed with only depression.

Greg Pfister (fist-er) is president of neurosciences at Odyssey Research-a company conducting bipolar disorder studies in 12 cities across the country, including Bismarck. Pfister says symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe

Pfister says Odyssey research is conducting studies on people experiencing bipolar depression. He says they are testing new medications that would effectively prevent the depression without triggering the mania

Pfister says Odyssey research is still looking for people to take part in the study that are currently depressed, had one or more episodes of mania, and are between the ages of 18 and 60. Pfister says those who qualify can contact him at 701-250-8410.