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Winter Snows Helping Soil Moisutre

By T. McDonald

Fargo, ND – After going into the winter months with low groundwater conditions, officials with the National Weather Service are encouraged by the moisture seen so far this winter. Hydrologist Charlene Prindiville (prin-duh-vill) says the entire state was listed as being dry after the fall months. She says with snow arriving, some areas have seen above normal precipitation, including the southwest corner of the state where drought was a factor through most of the year. Prindiville says more encouraging is the fact we have had a mild season so far
This is ideal. This is what we want. We want a slow melt. So this will soak in because the ground really wasn't frozen in some places. All that moisture soaks in, it won't just run off. You know the years that are really cold with a lot of snow a lot of that just sits on the ground and then spring comes, it warms up and it runs off because the ground is still frozen. This is great.
Prindiville says having the moisture soak in also reduces the threat of flooding in the spring. She says ground moisture is still far from being recharged for most areas, but she says it's a good start to the season. More will be determined when we see the traditionally heavy and wet snows of March.