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North Dakota Exporters Eye China

By T.McDonald

West Fargo, ND – The Director of the state Trade Office says it could be a matter of when instead of if as officials look at developing a possible trade mission to China. Susan Geib (guyb) says there is a growing interest among North Dakota companies in doing increased export business with Asian countries - especially China. Geib says the interest has prompted the state to look into developing a trade mission
"...basically what it will take is good research statistics. We'd have to identify good buyers over there for us that would make sense for us to actually export to; and see if those are opportunities that we need to take advantage of in the short term.

Sean King is with the U-S Department of Commerce, and serves as the Special Assistant for China. He says the timing couldn't be better for North Dakota to be considering expanding sales in China
"...the Chinese obviously have an affinity with homegrown products and services, but U-S made products and services are highly regarded. Exports of agricultural equipment to China increased 65-percent last year. But the U-S was third on that list, but the U-S should be number one. And I can't think of any state that's better suited to take the mantle than North Dakota."

Planning is still underway on how a trip could be formed and when it could be scheduled.