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The Search Continues for Norman Olson

Bismarck, ND – The search continues for 73-year-old Norman Olson of Hettinger

Adams County Sheriff Eugene Molbert, along with 50 or more members of the North Dakota National Guard, will conduct a ground search this weekend of the areas where the Olsons' car was found and where the body of 69-year-old Yvonne Olson was found last Friday. Molbert says Yvonne Olson's body was found about one mile northeast of the Quonset, where the car was located. Preliminary autopsy reports show the cause of death resulted from a gunshot wound.

Molbert says law enforcement and National Guard members will ground search shoulder-to-shoulder, section-by-section

"We haven't set the outer limit yet, but we're going to have to set a limit sometime. But we're just going to see how it goes. We just don't know exactly how much ground we are going to cover each day. If we have 80 to 100 people walking...the Guard estimated that if we have 100 people walking a couple feet apart, each person is going to walk about four and a half to five miles to cover that section. So, that's a lot of walking. We're going to have to see how long it takes to cover a section--then we'll know exactly how many sections in two and half or three days that we can cover."

Molbert says they may use helicopters and Humvees from the Guard. He says sightseers need to stay out of the area.