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Dorgan: No need for passports

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – The federal Department of Homeland Security is proposing that travelers between the U-S and Canada be required to carry passports.

North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan doesn't like that plan.

"We ought to tighten up and make certain we're preventing terrorists from entering our country," said Dorgan. "But asking everybody to get a passport, and spend about $80-$90 to get the passport, get pictures, and take the timne to do that in order to cross the border I think is going to impede the economy in both Canada and the US. It's going to hurt businesses, it's going to hurt people that travel back and forth for a wide range of issues."

Dorgan is holding hearings in Minot and Grand Forks on the proposal. The Department of Homeland Security will be represented.