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Some farmers dour, others sunny

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – While much of North Dakota reports drought-stressed crops, some parts of the state have done well.

"I almost hate to say it, but we've done well," said Russ Erickson, a farm lender with Bremer Banks in Grand Forks. "We thought we were going to have a horrendous wheat crop, but it actually turned out very well."

Erickson says the Northeast part of North Dakota had enough moisture for a good crop. And he says the sugar beet crop is in excellent shape.

Erickson says sugar beet prices are good, too.

"Some of the (South American) sugar refineries are turning out ethanol, instead of sugar," Erickson said. "The world market is up, and we anticipate a price of about $45 a ton -- and we haven't seen that kind of price for a long time."

Erickson says some of the row crops -- such as edible beans -- aren't doing as well -- because the weather has dried out.