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Combination dairy and ethanol plant planned

By Dave Thompson

Bismarck, ND – A Fargo man is planning a combination dairy farm and ethanol facility.

Shawn Beauclair calls it "Evergreen Dairy and Energy."

"It'll be a large dairy facility, but also will have an anerobic digester that will provide energy for the ethanol plant," said Beauclair.

Beauclair says it would be a ten million gallon ethanol facility...and the dairy will have 12-thousand head.

"We had read about a project in Kansas that's been in operation over 15 years," Beauclair said. "It uses the concept of using animal waste to make a renewable form of energy, and using that energy to create another form of energy - ethanol."

"Evergreen Dairy and Energy" will be receiving some seed money from the Agricultural Products Utilization Commission. Beauclair says that money will help with planning. He says he has not yet determined a location.