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OSHA Authorizes Oil and Gas Safety Course

The North Dakota Safety Council will host a pilot course on oil and gas safety. The course was authorized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

The pilot courses will take place in Bismarck, Williston and Cheyenne, Wyoming.

OSHA 5810 put together a committee of oil representatives from across the country to address safety issues specific to the oil and gas industries.

"The way OSHA works is we've had an OSHA construction class, we've had an OSHA general industry class and outreach programs for them but we've never had anything specific to oil and gas," marketing coordinator for NDSC Serena Schmit said. "They got together, all of these companies, to specifically address the hazards for the oil industry."

Since 2010, 47 occupational deaths have occurred in the state. Twenty-two have been in the oil industry.

"It's designed for the oil industry; the exploration production contractors and and service companies. Particularly the smaller companies and people who deal with multiple contractors in one location," Schmit said.

Workers in the oil industry were requesting this course. Once the course is completed, feedback will be taken and a final version of the course will be made, Schmit said.

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