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91% of tobacco retailers don't sell to minors

About 91 percent of licensed tobacco retailers in North Dakota refused to sell tobacco products to minors.

The number comes from the result of an annual federally-mandated tobacco compliance survey conducted by the North Dakota Department of Human Services. Three boys and three girls, ages 15 to 16 years old, visited 227 tobacco retailers for the survey.

Elizabeth Cunnigham is a research analyst with the Department of Human Services.

"When they (minors) go in and try to purchase tobacco they are not allowed to carry their ID, they are told to answer all questions honestly; so if someone asked how old they are they say their actual age and if the sellers asks to see ID they have to say they don't have it with them," Cunnigham said.

This year’s percentage of tobacco retailers selling to minors is less than last year. Last year was 11.6 percent, this year is 9.3 percent.

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