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New Food Co-op Effort in Bismarck-Mandan

Summary of Story.  Some new food co-operatives or co-ops as they are most commonly called, are beginning to develop in areas around North Dakota.   Amazing Grains in Grand Forks has been going successfully since 1972.  A few weeks ago Prairie Public talked with a committee member from Fargo’s Prairie Roots co-op, which is on it’s way to becoming a new business in the community. Today we will learn about a group in Bismarck and Mandan who are working towards their own store.  A previous Bismarck-Mandan food co-op. from the 1970’s, closed some years back. 

Heidi Demars of Bismarck is an organizer for the BisMan food co-op. She serves on a committee with six other people who have a vision of getting this project off the ground.

The BisMan group is currently finishing up with a feasibility study to find out if a co-op would be well received and prosper in a community like Bismarck and Mandan.

Heidi says that community feedback for the co-op has been positive and many people are wondering when they can become members, but for those who are still not sure what the difference is between this co-op and their grocery store of choice, she explains it this way:

For such a big project, there have been some challenges with funding, and Heidi says the committee has plans to fundraise.

To find out more information or to get involved, search “friends of the co-op” on facebook, go to their website- bismanfoodcoop dot wordpress dot com, or email at bismanfoodcoop at gmail dot com.  

The bisman co-op will be holding a meeting this Thursday at the Harvest Brazilian Grill in Mandan at 6:30pm. You can find out more about the co-op effort there and get volunteer training. 

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