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A four-day school week

Students in two North Dakota school districts are attending classes on a four day schedule.

And at least one superintendent this it's working well.

"It's the very first year it has been done in North Dakota," said Dunsith school superintendent Pat Brendan. His district's students attend school Monday-Thursday. And teachers and other staff work every other Friday.

Brendan says the reaction so far is overwhelmingly positive.

"Our enrollment is up about 28 students," said Brendan. "Some of the students I've talked to came in because of the four day week. They like to have a job, and their summer employment would keep them if they could work Friday, Saturday and Sunday."

Brendan says the parents really like it as well.

"It's a really good deal, and working out well for us," said Brendan.

Brendan says there have been a few minor issues, with things like transportation. But he says those problems have been worked out.

The other school district in North Dakota with a four day week is East Fairview. Brendan says the high school is in West Fairview – in Montana – and last year, the high school adopted a four day week, so the elementary school wanted to match it.

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