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New Heritage Center doubled visitation in the first year

The new state Heritage Center seems to be a hit.

State Historical Society of North Dakota director Claudia Berg says the Heritage Center used to average about 100,000 visitors a year.

"When we opened our expanded building last April, we had two galleries open," said Berg. "In less than a year, we had doubled our visitation to 200,000."

Berg says one factor contributing to the increased visitation is the number of school groups coming to the museum.

"As we developed the expansion, we've also been working on North Dakota studies curriculum," said Berg. "So 4th grade, 8th grade and high school are in place now. We've had all the middle schools in North Dakota bring their 8th graders to the Heritage Center to study North Dakota history, and really see all the objects related to their history. It's been a wonderful experience for them. And it really brings history to life."

Berg says it will also be interesting to look at the numbers this December. That’ll be one year after all four galleries were opened.

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