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Myanmar Soybean Tour Concludes

A seven member delegation from Myanmar has wrapped up three days of tours, visits and meetings designed to provide more about North Dakota’s soybean production… Alan Pook is with the American Soybean Association. He says farmers in Myanmar already grow soybeans, but as the nation’s economy grows so does the demand for soybean-based goods. Kendall Nichols is director of research for the North Dakota Soybean Council. He says while soybeans area relatively new crop for North Dakota, the crop is being taken seriously…

“…We have gone from not being a player in the market to being Number 4 in the United States for acres planted. We are now a big player in soybeans in the United States, and especially overseas. 60-to-70-percent of our soybeans are shipped over to Southeast Asia.”

The visit was designed to give the potential buyers a first-hand look at the process of raising soybeans and a chance learn techniques which lower input costs and better protect the land.