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Hunger Free North Dakota garden project seeks to help the hungry

The state Agriculture Department is again asking gardeners to donate extra fruits and vegetables to help the hungry in North Dakota.

It’s the Hunger Free North Dakota project.

"We have farmers, we have fruit and vegetable growers out there," said state Agriculture Commissioner Doug Goehring. "We have gardeners. We have those with maybe just a window box, or planters pots, that they're just growing a little bit of fruits and vegetables. This is an opportunity for them to get involved."

Goehring says the goal is to provide a million or more servings of fresh produce  to food pantries, homeless shelters and charitable feeding operations.

"One of the things I think is so great about this project is, it gives the opportunity for those that grow food in our state to connect directly with those who need it most," said Great Plains Food Bank Executive Director Steve Sellant.

Sellant says the food bank serves 87,000 people.

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