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North Dakota to receive more blender pumps

Grants through the Biofuels Infrastructure Project will add infrastructure to supply 21 states with more blender pumps, which would deliver more renewable fuel options to more drivers.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says the 100 million dollar grant from USDA will be matched by state grants, bringing the total to 200 million dollars for the addition of these pumps.  Blender pumps provide stations with more pumps that offer more blends of gasoline and ethanol.  Pumps typically offer gasoline blended with 10 percent ethanol.  Vilsack says these pumps will mostly offer blends with 15 percent ethanol. 

"The University of California has researched the impact of the biofuel industry on the environment, and indicates that it provides a 9 percent reduction in emissions, reduces the price of gas as much as $2.50 a barrel, and reduces our reliance on foreign imports, providing 100 billion dollars in benefit to our trade relationship.  It obviously steadies crop prices and revenues for producers, and it obviously promotes innovation in rural manufacturing.  It's for that reason that USDA continues to look for ways we can provide help and assistance to support this important industry."

Vilsack says this influx of pumps will make a tremendous impact.

"Our 100 million dollar investment will double the number of pumping systems that are available throughout the US, and the 16 million flexible fuel vehicles that exist today will have more opportunities to use biofuel."

North Dakota is one of the states receiving the blender pumps.  Vilsack says its estimated the state could receive 90 new blender pumps.

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