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ND Safety Council reports record attendance for its safety conference

The North Dakota Safety Council is reporting record attendance at its annual safety conference, being held in Bismarck this week.

More than a thousand people have signed up.

"Waht it shows us is that safety is a priority," said Council Executive Director Chuck Claremont. "We talk so much about the economy, and the concern that spending on safety is the first to get cut. To see this many companies and this many people attending an event like this shows us the companies really do care about safety. And they're not cutting it."

Claremont says the number of on the job injuries and fatalities is starting to drop. He says some of that may be because of the current slump in the oil industry – but he also says companies realize the importance of keeping their workplaces safe.

"Sometimes you have to start in the business side of safety," Claremont said. "It's for some of the people to realize that, 'Let's see -- if I put the pencil to it, it makes sense financially." Then we hope they can put the emotion to it -- 'You know what -- I want to get my person home to my wife, son and daughter' -- that's what it's all about."

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