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BioND: Biosciences are flourishing in North Dakota

Members with the BioScience Association of North Dakota provided their updates this week during the BIO-N-D Annual Meeting in Grand Forks. Association Chairman Bruce Gjovig says when it comes to the BioSciences, North Dakota has developed a firm foothold in the development and implementation of biotech products…

“…We would not have the fabulous crops we do have in this state if it wasn’t for G-M-O. We wouldn’t have the corn industry, wouldn’t have the soybean industry. Imagine how poor North Dakota would be without those two. It’s also very important for the sugar industry with the G-M-O sugar. Simplot is doing it. Because what you do is you increase your production, your quality and quite often your health benefits through G-M-O. Now unfortunately there’s a scare campaign out there that is against it. But there’s been 30-years of scientific studies done on food and it’s been found the food is absolutely just… no problem with the safety of it whatsoever.”

Gjovig says the use of bioscience extends beyond food and fuels. For the North Dakota-based company Aldevron, bioscience has allowed researchers to go from Science Fiction concept to Science Fact. Michael Chambers is CEO of Aldevron…

“…We were never actually able to talk about curing genetic diseases before, but now the community is actually using the word “cure” for different types of cancer and different genetic diseases. A lot of people who have never been able to see are able to see for the first time in their lives because of new genetic technology that is out there. A lot of people who haven’t been able to walk can walk. And it’s really amazing what’s happening right now.”

The BIO-ND Association is marking its 4th Anniversary. Officials say North Dakota has a significant footprint in the biotech world, and the potential is there to expand the level of involvement.

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