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ND Safety Council holds 45th annual conference

ND Safety Council

The North Dakota Safety Council’s 45th annual Safety and Health Conference is being held this week in Bismarck.

Safety Council executive director Chuck Claremont said nearly a thousand people have pre-registered for the conference. He said the subjects run the gamut of safety issues, and will include training on opioid overdoses.

Claremont said what he hopes those attending will take away from the conference are ways to help prevent someone from getting injured.

"You start looking at statistics, and preventable deaths, or accidental injuries, has become the third leading cause of death in the United States," Claremont said. "Those preventable deaths have risen 10 percent in 2016."

Claremont said in North Dakota, the number of those accidental deaths has dropped.

Claremont said a big benefit of this conference is helping raise awareness of those safety concerns.

"So many times, we get new people here, and they walk out of the conference saying, 'I can go touch someone else's life, and talk to my family, and tell them, this is a way for us to be safe,'" Claremont said.

The conference is being held at the Bismarck Events Center. It runs through Friday.

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