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Bills to legalize sports betting introduced in the 2019 Legislatutre

Two bills have been introduced into the 2019 North Dakota Legislative Session to legalize sports betting.

This follows a US Supreme Court ruling in a New Jersey case, which has allowed every state to offer sports betting.

Rep. Jason Dockter (R-Bismarck) said under his bill, charities would be allowed to run the wagering. He said the charities would likely work with a third-party vendor to set up kiosks and phone apps.

"People are already doing it on-line," Dockter said. "Let's just be honest."

Dockter said his bill allows people to play in North Dakota. He said it would help local charities.

"Now this gives people an opportunity to place bets here, rather than Vegas," Dockter said.

Dockter said his bill allows wagers on college and professional sports. The other bill limits bets to professional sports.

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