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Higher-ed governance by two boards means no Chancellor


If the Legislature passes the so-called "two board" model for higher education governance, the office of Chancellor of the University System will be no more.

"In the Constitution, there is no word called 'Chancellor,'" said Gov. Doug Burgum, who is pushing the Legislature to approve a two board system. "There is a 'higher-education administrator.'"

The House defeated the two board plan. The Senate is now considering an expanded single board, expanding its membership from 8 to 11. Burgum wants the Senate to amend that bill, reinstating the two boards.

"We would envision, in a two board model, the Board of Trustees, if you will, would be the ones doing the hiring (of University presidents)," Burgum said. "They would be evaluating their Presidents."

Burgum said there will still be a need for a centralized administrator.

"It would be different from the hybrid model we use today, with the Chancellor in-between the Board and the presidents.," Burgum said.

If either the two board or expanded board models pass the Legislature, it would have to go to a public vote in 2020.

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