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Senate says "No" to edible marijuana products


Members of the North Dakota Senate do not have much of an appetite when it comes to allowing edible forms of medical marijuana. The Senate voted down House Bill 1364. The vote was 28-17. The bill did get a simple majority but being it is an amendment to the constitutional measure it requires a two-thirds majority. The bill would have allowed the Health Department to develop an authorized list of marijuana products that could be eaten instead of smoked. West Fargo Senator Judy Lee told her colleagues she is among those not fond of edible medical marijuana, but…

"I hate to say I'm resigned to it, but that's kind of it. I've come to the acceptance of the fact it's one form that we do need to make available under controlled circumstances.  So that for those individuals unable to find relief from another type of product or who are unable to swallow something, that would be an edible and cannot be expected to smoke it. For example, someone in a skilled care facility -- can't smoke."

Critics of the idea say medical marijuana is still new to North Dakota and more time is needed to see how things develop before doing any expansion of available products.

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