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State MMIS system now certified

After 10 years and millions of dollars, one of the state’s biggest IT projects has now been certified.

It’s called the “Medicaid Management Information System.”

"It was quite the project," said the assistant Medicaid director for the state Department of Human Services, Erik Elkins.

The MMIS system processes claims and pays providers.

"The entire process is to provide a better, more economical and more efficient system," Elkins said. "That should help both providers and recipients."

The system actually started processing and paying claims in October, 2015. And now, the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services has certified the system.

"The certification means it is a fully functional system that meets all the requirements," Elkins said.

Elkins said having this means the state will be reimbursed 75 percent of the costs associated with the new system going back to that date. He said that will be about $17 million, to be returned to the state’s general fund.

"It has been a number of hours, days, years that people have worked on not only implementing the system, but working on the certification process," Elkins said. "The certification has been a great thing. We're ecstatic about it."

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