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With a year to go, DOT and TSA are pushing Real ID

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

By next October first (2020), if you wish to board a commercial airplane, you will need a Real ID compliant form.

That includes Real ID compliant driver’s licenses.

"In a nutshell, Real ID is the way the federal government knows you are who you say you are on your photo identification," Transportation Security Administration spokesperson Lorie Dankers said at a news conference at the Bismarck Airport.

Other Real ID forms include passports and military ID.

So far, 83,000 North Dakotans have a Real ID compliant driver’s license.

"If you do not have a compliant form of identification, you will not be granted access to the security checkpoint, and you will not be allowed to board your flight," Dankers said.

Dankers said this has real consequences for people who don't plan ahead.

"This deadline will sneak up on all of us," Dankers told reporters. "That's why we're talking about it today."

To get a Real ID, you will need to bring proof that you are a resident of the United States, proof of your Social Security number and proof of your North Dakota residence. The acceptable forms are listed on North Dakota's Department of Transportation website.

North Dakota's Department of Transportation is planning a special Saturday Real ID sign up event Oct. 12. The Bismarck drivers' license site will be open from 10 am to 2 pm that day. But you have to have an appointment.

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