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Growing hemp has its challenges

North Dakota has 64 licensed hemp growers.

Some of them are growing it for CBD oil.

The hemp coordinator for the North Dakota Agriculture Department said 2019 was the first year it could be grown for that purpose. And John Mortensen says there are a lot of differences between growing hemp and convention grain production.

"The CBD is more of a horticulture-type crop," Mortensen said. "It is a lot more labor-intensive."

Also, Mortensen said there are no pesticides listed for hemp.

"So it's a lot of hand-labor," Mortensen said.

But despite that, Mortensen said growers seem to be enthusiastic about it.

"Most enjoyed it," Mortensen said. "They were surprised at the amount of effort that went into it."

And Mortensen said a number of the growers have asked about licenses for next year.

"I don't think we have anyone turning their back on it yet," Mortensen said.

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