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A new state hospital in the works?

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

A new state hospital will likely be proposed to the 2021 Legislature.

Governor Burgum had proposed building a new state hospital in his 2019 executive budget. It was a part of a major change in corrections facilities. The James River Correctional Center is on the same campus as the state hospital.

"There is a current study, called the 'Bed Study,' that is identifying not only how many treatment beds or hospital beds are necessary in the state to meet the need, but where should those beds be?" said Hospital superintendent Dr. Rosalie Etherington. "As part of that study, we are recommending that we build a new state hospital."

Etherington said it would be built to the necessary size.

"And it would be built to better meet the needs we have," Etherington said.

The study results will be presented to the Legislature's interim Human Services Committee.

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