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GFPD investigating mail theft cases

KNOX Radio

Grand Forks police are investigating several reports of US mail being stolen from residential mailboxes.

Police have received three reports so far.

Sergeant Mike Jennings said it appears the thefts happened in the late night and early morning hours.

"We will be working with the US Postal Inspection Service, to attempt to identify a suspect," Jennings said.

Two suspect vehicle descriptions have been provided. One is a dark SUV, the other is a white 4 door sedan.

Jennings said he has some recommendations for people to protect themselves from mail theft. One is – don’t put outgoing mail in your mailbox until the day you want it sent.

"At least one of these reports involved a resident placing outgoing mail in their box, that stayed there overnight, and was then available to be rummaged through during the nighttime hours," Jennings said.

Jennings also recommends people use the Postal Service’s “mail hold” program, if they’re going to be out of town. And he said residents can sign up for the Service’s “Informed delivery service.”

"They can receive an e-mail every day, that will tell them exactly what is going to be showing up in their mailbox, in case anything does go missing," Jennings said.

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