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'One Basin-One Way' touted as a success

Dave Thompson
Prairie Public

In 2019, a program was launched to streamline safety training in the Bakken.

It was dubbed “One Basin, One Way.” And those involved call it a success.

"It's improved the attitude toward safety," said One Basin, One Way chairman Steve Braden, whon is an employee of Hess. "Our numbers will speak for themselves, once we get the data."

Braden said he believes that data will show the number of incidents is trending downward.

"We would like to think we're a major piece of that improvement," Braden said in an interview.

Braden said the biggest attraction to the program is standardization.

"When people come to our location, or another operator's location, it's the same," Braden said. "They aren't going through another training."

Braden said what has happened with requiring training that may seem redundant from company to company is complacency.

"They go to one, they go to a second one, then a third one, and complacency sets in," Braden said. "Now all of a sudeen, you've got a blind spot."

Braden said having one focused training makes things safer in the workplace.

Braden said more than 15,000 workers have taken the training.

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