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Wardner: More transparency and openness in the Legislative process

A project is underway at the state Capitol to provide video and audio access to all Legislative committee rooms.

In the past, only the House and Senate chambers were wired.

"The citizens of North Dakota are going to have an open door, to watch the complete process, from committee hearings to the floor sessions, whoch they already do now, and then conference committees," said Senate Majority Leader Rich Wardner (R-Dickinson). "It's all going to be there."

Wardner said he thinks that will be a big benefit to the citizens of North Dakota. And he said he hopes this will increase the trust North Dakotans have in the Legislative process.

"We work very hard at trying to be honest and trustworthy, and people still think, 'Well, you're a politician -- you've got to be a liar, and trying to pull a fast one,'" Wardner said. "No. Most of the people in the Legislature are everyday people, trying to get the job done, and do a good job for the people of North Dakota."

Wardner said legislators will have to get used to the new technology.

"Everything will be out in the open," Wardner said. "You're not going to be able to pul any tricks or anything like that."

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